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Soul Spot Yoga is operated by "Leanne the Kiwi Yogi' 

who travels providing

local yoga classes,

corporate and community events  to support wellness of mind, body and mental wellbeing.


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Known as Leanne the Kiwi Yogi on FB & Instagram, a doTERRA wellness advocate, living the dream in the Shellharbour region in NSW Australia. My passions of teaching Yoga & Meditation with the powerful Essential Oils of doTERRA bring an approach of overall health into your life through Mindfulness, Movement & Wellness. Students enjoy my down-to-earth with humour and compassion in studio classes  with compassion and consideration to support you with growth and strength within your yoga journey.

My approach to this mindful practise and lifestyle is nurtured with compassion and integrity during classes of gentle but challenging flow of  Yoga that offers inclusivity to all with Trauma Sensitive principles to facilitate a safe and supportive practise, these options provides variety for all levels of experience. The focus being on the students needs and abilities rather than a set flow of movements and end goal. The purpose is to be present and connect with your mind and body on a deeper level and I feel it is a privilege to be able to provide this space and opportunity to you.

I am a everyday mum of three, devoted wife, passionate about holistic health and wellbeing and constantly up-skilling my education and knowledge base to best service the needs of my family and yogis. Life is about balance and lessons - we are come to the table at various levels and i invite you to connect with me to explore your own desires, your own passions and desire to be more grounded.


Check out my free YouTube Yoga classes available now for you to practise in the comfort of your own home and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss the new ones released!



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