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So you have all heard this adjective used in many different contexts...

but being ALTERNATIVE - What the heck is that anyways??

The Dictionary lists this: 


1. a choice limited to one of two or more possibilities, as of things,propositions, or courses of action, the selection of which precludesany other possibility: You have the alternative of riding or walking.

2. one of the things, propositions, or courses of action that can bechosen: The alternative to riding is walking.


4. affording a choice of two or more things, propositions, or courses ofaction.

5.(of two things, propositions, or courses) mutually exclusive so that if one is chosen the other must be rejected: The alternative possibilities are neutrality and war.

6.employing or following nontraditional or unconventional ideas,methods, etc.; existing outside the establishment: an alternative newspaper; alternative lifestyles.

7. Logic. (of a proposition) asserting two or more choices, at least one of which is true.

..... Okey Leanne, enough with the reminder of basic english (and google use)....

BUT Check out Google too - you'll find fashion, foods, music, medicine, lifestyle and many more as listed ALTERNATIVE.... sooooo...


Well truth be told - I don't know.... probably.... 

All I do know is - that I CHOOSE different options to previous decisions I have made,  as I feel that my past decisions have not worked out for what-ever-reason... 

I choose to eat as much raw foods as possible to feel good, I choose to use Essential Oils for preventative and healing of my family, I choose to meditate and practise yoga for my mind to be balanced, I choose to be comfortable and accept people the way they are regardless for background, race, employment, religion and status! Get my drift...?

Is this ALTERNATIVE - maybe... for those who want to stay mainstream and not explore their own individualism.... 

Be NOT conformed - embrace your differences, love all the good and accept the bad in life - BUT make your OWN POSITIVE STAMP in this life! 

Be good, be happy and be free.... okey - maybe be a bit ALTERNATIVE then..... ;)



Leanne Morland

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